IEEE International Conference on Communications
7-11 June 2020 // Virtual Conference
Communications Enabling Shared Understanding

IEEE ICC 2020 Best Paper Awards

Congratulations to the Best Paper Award Winners!  These were carefully reviewed and selected from approximately 2100 paper submissions

Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks Symposium

Paper Title: A Physical Layer Security Scheme with Compressed Sensing in OFDM-based IoT Systems
Authors: Jingwei Liu; Qin Hu; Rong Sun; Xiaojiang Du; Mohsen Guizani

Cognitive Radio and AI-enabled Networks Symposium

Paper Title: Convergence Time Minimization of Federated Learning over Wireless Networks
Authors: Mingzhe Chen; H. Vincent Poor; Walid Saad; Shuguang Cui

Communication & Information System Security Symposium

Paper Title: Defending Malicious Check-in Based on Access Point Selection for Indoor Positioning System
Authors: Weiwei Li; Zhou Su; Kuan Zhang; Abderrahim Benslimane

Communication & Qos, Reliability & Modeling Symposium

Paper Title: OPEX-Limited 5G RAN Slicing: an Over-Dataset Constrained Deep Learning Approach
Authors: Hatim Chergui; Christos Verikoukis

Communications Software, Services & Multimedia Symposium

Paper Title: Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Beam Tracking for Low-Latency Services in Vehicular Networks
Authors: Yan Liu; Zhiyuan Jiang; Shunqing Zhang; Shugong Xu

Communication Theory Symposium

Paper Title: A Maximin Optimal Online Power Control Policy for Energy Harvesting Communications
Authors: Shengtian Yang; Jun Chen

Green Communications Systems & Networks Symposium

Paper Title: Minimum Age-Energy Aware Cost in Wireless Powered Fog Computing Networks
Authors: Haina Zheng; Ke Xiong; Pingyi Fan; Zhangdui Zhong; Kaled B. Letaief

Mobile & Wireless Networks Symposium

Paper Title: Adaptive Multi-Beam Arrangement for Improving Throughput in HTS Communication System
Authors: Masaki Takahashi; Yuichi Kawamoto; Nei Kato; Amane Miura; Morio Toyoshima

Next Generation Networks Symposium

Paper Title: SmartChain: Enabling High-Performance Service Chain Partition between SmartNIC and CPU
Authors: Shuhe Wang; Zili Meng; Chen Sun; Minhu Wang; Mingwei Xu; Jun Bi; Tong Yang; Qun Huang; Hongxin Hu

Optical Networks & Systems Symposium

Paper Title: Optical Communication Capacity and Quality to Maximize End-User TCP/IP Throughput
Authors: Yohei Hasegawa; Morihiko Ota; Hidemi Noguchi

Signal Processing for Communications Symposium

Paper Title: SVM-based Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Massive MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCs
Authors: Ly V. Nguyen; Duy H.N. Nguyen; Lee Swindlehurst

Wireless Communications Symposium

Paper Title: Learning Centric Power Allocation for Edge Intelligence
Authors: Shuai Wang; Rui Wang; Qi Hao; Yik-Chung Wu; H. Vincent Poor

Wireless Communications Symposium

Paper Title: Multibeam Design for Joint Communication and Sensing in 5G New Radio Networks
Authors: Carlos Baquero Barneto; Sahan Damith Liyanaarachchi; Taneli Riihonen; Lauri Anttila; Mikko Valkama

SAC IoT Track

Paper Title: LIMITS: Lightweight Machine Learning for IoT Systems with Resource Limitations
Authors: Benjamin Sliwa; Nico Piatkowski; Christian Wietfeld

SAC Molecular, Biological, Multi-scale Track

Paper Title: Channel Modeling for Synaptic Molecular Communication With Re-uptake and Reversible Receptor Binding
Authors: Sebastian Lotter; Arman Ahmadzadeh; Robert Schober

Congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone who participated in ICC