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WS-21: IoT Enabling Technologies in Healthcare: IoT-Health

WS-21: IoT Enabling Technologies in Healthcare: IoT-Health

IoT-Health 2020: Third International Workshop on IoT Enabling Technologies in Healthcare, June 11, Dublin, Ireland

The Internet of Things (IoT) has numerous applications in healthcare, from smart wearable or implantable sensors to remote monitoring of elderly, medical device networking, and in general creating a healthcare network infrastructure. IoT has the potential to create a pervasive environment for monitoring patient health and safety as well as improving how physicians deliver care. It can also boost patient engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to spend more time in the comfort of their residence and interact with their care centers whenever needed. A significant driver for the IoT-Health market is the increasing penetration of connected devices in healthcare. Wearable sensors have received a remarkable growth in recent years; however, a pervasive IoT-Health infrastructure is still long way from commercialization. The end-to-end health data connectivity involves the development of many technologies that should enable reliable and location-agnostic communication between a patient and a healthcare provider. IoT-Health workshop aims to focus on the design, development, performance evaluation and experimentation of IoT enabling technologies in healthcare applications.


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